English version:

What you need to do..

  • First of all, you must have turned sixteen.
  • Register a user here>> https://blimedlem.batsfjord.kommune.no
  • After registration you will recieve an SMS with a greeting.
  • After a short while, you will recieve a e-mail with details reguarding your loggin til "min side" (My page)
  • Choose language (Norwegian or English)
  • Choose  the apropriate membership.
  • Follow the intructions on the registrar page carefully, and you wil be registered in no time.
  • Go to Townhall and ask for a keycard in your name. Keycards are free, for the time beeing.

Be adiviced that what ever membership you choose,(one month or three months) all meberships are automatically re-newed....You dont have to do anything unless you want to quit using the gym. Then you`ve got to let us now by using the "support" tab, located in "my Page". Simpply write: I want to end my membership, remember to write the date you wish to exit, otherwise your membership might not be ended. 

Prices are as follows: 

Youth between 16 up to 18:

  • 1 month membership Youth between age 16 to 18  : 270.-
  • 3 months membership Youth between age 16 to 18.: 810.- (270.-x3)


Prices for adults:

  • 1 month membership : 405.-
  • 3 months membership : 1215.- (405.- x3)
  • You can allso buy a 6 month period, allthough the price of 405.- is the same no matter how long you  pay for. There`s no quantity discount

Prices are set by the town council 20th of april 2023.


Openinghours is as follows:

06.00 to 23.00 every day. Doors are automatically locked at 23.00. Be shure to be out of the building by then.